Water Pressure Problems?

By Website Admin | October 31, 2014

If you are not looking to replace your artesian well pump before its time, this is a warning sign you should not ignore. An over-sized well pump and an under-sized pressure tank in the home can be a disastrous combination for a well pump. The pump turns on and pumps into the small 20 gallon well tank, then clicks off only 45 seconds after starting. Short cycles are bad for the pump because the pump pulls so much amperage upon start up, but as it runs a longer cycle the amperage drops dramatically which helps to cool the windings in the motor. Basically, the longer it runs, the better it cools.

You can tell if your well tank is undersized because there is a variation in water pressure at the shower head or faucet. The pressure starts to wane and suddenly shoots up again and it does this repeatedly during a shower. If you have variations in pressure, call us to take a look at your plumbing system. We can run some quick tests to determine the reason for your pressure problem. There is some remarkable new technology available to us today that will lengthen your pump’s life expectancy and keep a constant working pressure in the house!