Heating System Design and Installation

It’s a new era for heating system design in New Hampshire. New home construction building codes have higher energy efficient standards for plumbing and heating than ever before. A spike in home energy costs, and an awareness of limited natural resources, have provided motivation for manufacturers to produce a better selection of energy-efficient appliances and heating systems. Building Architects today place a much greater emphasis on heating design because of the long-term cost savings benefits for their clients.

At Christenson Plumbing and Heating, we are heating design specialists. Before we purchase a furnace for your home, we perform an energy audit to determine where the greatest heat loss is; so that after we install your heating system, every room is at a consistent temperature. We will not cut corners. Some Manchester area plumbing and heating contractors will stretch out a system to save money and submit a lower bid to get the job. We will give you options, like separate zones or an up-sized furnace, but you always get an honest appraisal from us of what your heating system requirements are- even if it means we don’t get the job. In some cases it works out in your favor. Perhaps after performing an energy audit we find that the correct size furnace unit is smaller than what another company will install.

Don’t hire a plumber to install your new furnace! Hire a plumbing and heating specialist!

When you hire Christenson Plumbing and Heating, you get:

  • Licensed and insured plumbers for water and gas
  • “Smart System” trained installers
  • Home energy audit capable
  • Experienced installers of oil, gas, or steam boilers