Drain Maintenance

By Website Admin | August 8, 2014

Commercial Drain Snake Services

We’re offering local restaurants drain maintenance contracts where we go into their facility every six months or so to flush out the drains with a high pressure wash so that they can be proactive rather than reactive with their drain maintenance. An average Burger King or Texas Roadhouse creates hundreds of gallons of grease a year, a lot of which collects on the cookware and washes down the drain.

Grease is liquid when hot, however when it hits the drain it immediately cools creating a coagulated mess that will cause a major back up that many times cannot be cleared through a conventional drain snake. Christenson Plumbing and Heating has a jetter machine that can clear an entire restaurant in about 8 hours. The work can be performed after hours so there is no interruption in business. We also have a new commercial drain snake that can clear drains up to 8″ in diameter. This covers almost every commercial application imaginable. From Walmart to BJ’s Wholesale to Texas Roadhouse to Applebees and beyond, we’ve got it covered!

We’re also excited to announce the hire of Joey Delude, journeyman plumber and gas fitter with 14 years experience in the plumbing industry, along with Dustin Schoeneman a licensed air conditioning engineer who brings 10 years of plumbing experience along with vast plumbing and heating expertise with engineered applications.