Energy Saving Upgrades

Saving Energy

Are you considering some energy saving upgrades for a new heating system or additions to your current system? Here are some of the latest trends in money-saving components of a heating system designed for the 21st century:

Outdoor Resets automatically adjust to your boiler settings according to the outdoor temperature. This can save as much as 33% on your heating costs as Spring and Fall temperatures fluctuate.

Zoned Heat is not a new concept, but what was once considered an upgrade for larger homes is now standard in many homes today. Finished basements and bedroom areas are often on their own thermostats to avoid heating those areas when they are not in use.

Gas Burner Deduct Meters are devices installed where town water is used outside of the home such as sill cocks and irrigation systems. Since the water does not go down the drain, the volume of water used outside the home is deducted from town sewer fees.

Tankless Water Heaters, made popular by brands like Rinnai and Rheem, tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water as you need it, as opposed to heating 30 gallons of water and maintaining its temperature or firing up your furnace every time you need hot water. This means the water is always fresh and always hot when it comes out of the tap. The system automatically senses the demand for hot water, and when it is not needed, it shuts down and uses no energy to maintain the water temperature.