Steam Radiant Heating Systems

Steam Radiant Heating Systems – Is It Worth The Investment?

Advantages – Steam Heat is a very effective way to heat your home. It provides a constant warmth, especially in homes with large rooms. Steam boilers were the standard for heat in the early 1900s, but were largely replaced by Forced Hot Water systems in the mid-1950s. Similar to FHW, they require fuel source such as oil or gas. If you have an existing steam furnace in an older home that calls it quits, you don’t have to convert the entire heating system to FHW. This can be costly when you start adding in all that new copper pipe and baseboard heating elements.

Some plumbers simply don’t bother with Steam Radiant Heating systems. We do! There are still a lot of steam furnaces in older New Hampshire homes today. There is no need to change out the entire system. Christenson Plumbing and Heating can replace your steam furnace with a new one and upgrade your old system so it’s quieter and more efficient.

Disadvantages – The major disadvantage to installing a steam heating system in a new home is the cost. Steam uses larger pipes and elements made out of cast iron. A steam boiler has special maintenance requirements, which could limit your options for hiring a tech to service it. A new steam boiler can save you a rather large percentage on your heating bill and will make considerably less noise. You will notice a difference in your fuel consumption compared to your old steam furnace.

The bottom line is this: if you have an existing system, it is cost-effective to repair or upgrade to a new Steam system. If you are looking for the best heating system for your new home in New Hampshire, keep in mind that Steam Radiator Heat is the most expensive option, so you would do well to consider other options.