Christenson Plumbing & Heating

People, Professionalism, Production!
PO Box 2010, Hillsborough NH 03244
118 Deering Center Road, Deering NH 03244

At Christenson Plumbing and Heating, we are Massachusetts and New Hampshire licensed plumbers specializing in commercial and residential plumbing, heating and air conditioning. Our vision is “People, Professionalism and Production”.

Our Core Values

  1. Commitment to teamwork
  2. Know your outcome
  3. Pay it forward
  4. Integrity is our standard through honesty
  5. Build trust to unleash talent through loyalty
  6. Build value through the continuous pursuit of knowledge
  7. Be awesome, be world class

The Commitment: Our commitment is to our team and the client. We offer solutions based thinking and response to challenges to keep production at peak so you can save time. Time is the only equal asset in humanity and we understand that-

The outcome: Our outcome is to save you time- the most precious commodity in the world.

Pay it forward: We believe that every human is invaluable to our planet and it is our passion to not only help you, but fall in love with you too. When passion exists, there is fluidity to every move and we are constantly working to increase our passion for you so that you may have the optimum experience with us.

Integrity and Honesty: Business today has become more complex than ever. Our philosophy is to keep things simple. There are materials and labor to every job and that is what we goes into each invoice. Nothing more, nothing less. We are constantly assessing each project to understand how to do better and be sure that our honesty and integrity aligns with our culture. The only policy we can truly enforce is the truth.

Build the Trust: We understand that trust is built when we meet or exceed your expectations- We are constantly working on our quality of communication to better understand your expectations in order for us to continually exceed them.

Build the Value, Build the Knowledge: Our entire staff is subjected to intensive training periodically, but the best training each team member receives is experience. We always assess our daily interactions with people and work to improve it every day. We are also eager to learn the new technology that is taking the industry by storm and are working to keep perfecting our understanding of it so we can function at world class standards for you!

Let’s be World Class! It is our dream to inspire the world to reach new levels with us- we would love for you to be part of our world class journey!